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I never call, I never write

Facebook is so much more, I don't know, convenient. I can type short little insights into my lovely life, and if it's a food-related status, BRING ON THE COMMENTS!!!

So, yeah. It's been busy. The grant is over in December. We're around through June via some other little accounts, so Ron-wad and I are happy.

I've heard rumors of a holiday gift in the form of a GRE study guide so I can pass that exam, get accepted into gradute school, take out huge loans (I HATE DEBT!!!) and maybe improve my chances for a better career. I'm only 41, it's time to start thinking of my future!!!!

I've been enjoying college football, as I always do in Autumn. Maybe not so much with the Georgia losses, but then they play an awesome game like they did against Auburn and I'm happy again. I predict a 7-5 season, since I'm not naive enough to think The Dawgs truly have an answer for Georgia Tech. Coach Johnson is very good at what he does, and his team has responded in kind.

I'm focusing on bowl season, as well, what with having Chick-Fil-A Bowl tickets. Every year, I say "maybe this is the year I'll go" and so far, I've not. I'll say it again, though, just in case.

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How've you all been lately? :)
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I never write, I never call

Hey, y'all!

So, it's been six weeks since my last update. (Why do I feel like I should be in a confessional???)

I have been to New York. I have worked copious amounts of time at both jobs. I have learned I will indeed be taking three days of furlough. I have returned to Biltmore, in the company of some wonderful people. I have my UGA football season tickets.

I'm currently going through a rough spell (started last night, actually.) Got emotionally stabbed in the heart, followed by about a quart of alcohol poured into the wound, adding to the pain. What a nice visual, yes?

My birthday is in eight days. I hope the coming year is a vast improvement from the one that is ending!!!!
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The Numbers Game

So, I read an article today on about numbers, psychics, mediums and Michael Jackson (may he rest in peace.)

I found a website to give me a little taste of Numerology. I'm posting the "free" results here for future reference.
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Now, I need to get ready for dinner with Dr. M. Some place at The Georgian Hotel, I think he said, so I think that shorts and a beat-up t-shirt probably isn't the most appropriate outfit!
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If you sit quietly and listen

You will hear that my time is rapidly approaching.

I have had enough. And if I don't stand up for myself, who will? Well, other than those of you who have volunteered to break kneecaps and/or kick some booty for me.

This passive-aggressive crap will stop, especially when it's been done by people who don't know all that happened.

I will say this - I still refuse to publicly reveal who actually made the original suggestion. Soon enough, that person's memory will be prodded and perhaps, just perhaps, they will acknowledge the ramifications of their inability to do what is right.

But I doubt it. A very dear, precious friend made this observation - no matter what, the person will still find a way to blame me for everything. At this point, it is a risk I'm willing to take.
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biting my fork

I feel.............

The only way I can express it is with a song lyric. This will come as no surprise to the one I call Turtle Dove.

I stood and watched an eagle fly
Spread his wings and soared across the sky
So gracefully he flew
Rising effortlessly
I wanted to know just how to be free

Well, today, I know.

And it feels incredible.....................
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Pending conversation

I slept in my living room last night.  The couch in there is a loveseat hide-a-bed, but at midnight:30, you're too tired to open the thing up.  But, Swan, you may be asking yourself?  You have a perfectly good bed.  In a room with a ceiling fan.  Why were you in your living room? 

Because the A/C in there, I control.  It's on its own thermostat, running the program I created.  My bedroom is controlled by the downstairs occupant who forgets every summer that heat rises.  Who also rambles in the winter about how wonderful an insulator the tin roof is. 

Dr. M. is also a tightwad when it comes to utilities (well, not water.  I'll save that for another day.)  Every summer we have this discussion about how he really, really, REALLY shouldn't turn the A/C off as it's more expensive to run in a hot house, trying to bring the temperature down. 

He has a habit of doing that very thing - turning the A/C either off or setting the program temperature at a high degree so the fan doesn't come on.  All well and good if you live downstairs.  If you're living upstairs, the ceiling fan running fast enough to power a small helicopter won't keep you cool enough to sleep. 

The A/C ran most of the night in the "new" part, and I have the temperature set on 80.  When I got up this morning, the fan wasn't even blowing air through the vents in the "old" part where my bedroom is.

I don't like sleeping on the couch. 
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biting my fork

Flutter, flutter

I am working on this great, informative, state of the Swan post that will enlighten you, amuse you, anger you............  Or probably not.  Just depends on how invested into it I get.  LOL

On a serious note, I am utterly, truly, forever grateful for the following people:  your_mother , shes_precious , dwivian , digitaldevil , and deza .  Outside of LJ-Land, I have Mrs. Fair, Kannonix, Dr. Jay, and Ronwad. 

You all have done your best in keeping me from going absolutely crazy these past four or so days.  Bless you, most of you have taken Hazardous Duty time even longer than that. 

I don't tell you all enough, but I love each of you and I really think if it hadn't been for you, "They're coming to take me away, ha ha, ho ho, hee hee" would become the soundtrack to my current life. 

I have dishes to do, a body to prep for bed, and some actual pen-to-paper writing to do.  Y'all have great weeks, and I hope you're all getting a day off from work for the Fourth!
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A fly-by posting

As commanded by one lovely deza who said to me this past Sunday, "So, how come you don't post anymore??" I guess the videos aren't enough. Hehe.

Work has been busy, then not, then very hectic. We have a large paid trial this week that we're ultimately responsible for, so that's been a bear. It's to start tomorrow, and of course, more changes in our methods came today. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told the Powers-That-Be that no one is to think anymore on this, we are running it as it stands. (If they change it for next week, I don't care. I'll be on vacation.)

Since the beginning of the year, we've had weekend work just about every weekend. The exceptions have come only when there has been no field/plant work that week. So, I talked to Fearless Leader Dr. T. about it, mainly from the standpoint of the trial starting tomorrow, and we're in negotiations on some sort of compensation. We'll see how that goes.

I'm on hold from Hallmark, probably for the summer. I still have shirts and a key, and assurances from the managers that they do still want me to work there. I'm holding on to that as I'll be back in the fall.

Dr. M.'s cat seems to have gone on to the other side. I found evidence of an unpleasant ending, but Dr. M. and I agreed to believe the cat died of natural causes (she was about 12) and then something got her. He mentioned getting another cat, and allowing it access to the house at night, but Sunday, I brought up the need for heartworm preventative plus flea/tick control. As I suspected, he wasn't at all keen on spending money for that, so if he does get another cat, it will remain outside.

My personal life is in utter shambles. Circumstances beyond my control, yada yada yada. :) I have some wonderful friends (shes_precious, Kannonix, Mrs. Fair) who have done their best to keep me sane with their wonderful advice and just by listening to my worries.

On the up side, I did get to see great friends Sunday, I am getting blond hair again next week, and I'm going to Florida for a few days. I'm hoping to check a lot of my stress at the Georgia-Alabama border, and maybe someone else will think it's a prize package accidentally left and take it with them. A girl can dream, yes?

Ah, well. I hope this is enough to hold you for a while, deza. At least until I find a video that amuses me.................. :)
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