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Flag on the Play

Thrown by an auburn-haired woman with a righteous indignation

Football Anonymous
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I am impatient, overly critical, a good listener, a better friend, a good daughter, indulgent Aunt, and an inquisitive investigator. I do not tolerate pot shots at my friends. I do not tolerate obvious lying (subtle lying isn't acceptable, either, but I have a harder time ferreting that out.)

I came, I saw, I laughed, I cried. It became part of me. So, I had surgery to remove it. I post public, I post private, I post friends only. It's my journal, so it's subject to my whims. Deal with it.

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I could get used to this bein' happy
I could get used to a brighter day
If I'm dreamin'
Don't anybody slap me
I could used to living this way
Could sure get used to living this way.

Mark Lowry - Bein' Happy

Well, sloe gin fizz works mighty fast
When you drink it by the pitcher and not by the glass

Loretta Lynn - Portland, Oregon

If you want to hear God laugh
Tell Him your plans.

Van Zant - Help Somebody

Is anybody satisfied with who they really are
You could be the moon
And still be jealous of the stars
You gotta' learn to swim
If you can't walk upon the sea
So I'm learning to live with me

Gary Allan - Learning to Live With Me

Yesterday's history, tomorrow's a mystery.
Duke Devlin - Town Haul

One day, I will be a Weather Girl.
The WeatherPixie

When you ask for nice words from your brother, you get something like this:
football_swan: A brat. Smells like a monkey. er.... I'm outta practice, obviously, with the sibling insults. Which is a problem, since most of the old ones aren't any good anymore. I can't say she'll never amount to anything as she's been part of published research, and has actively made a difference in her chosen field. I can't say that she won't ever have friends as she's been one of the best friends anyone in her acquaintance will ever have. I can't say she's ugly as those friends of her will come beat me up for lying. I can say that she's living in one of my favorite towns, working for one of my favorite places, and is a solid success. She's also one of those Strong Southern Women, and is the World's Greatest Aunt (as my children will attest).